Robb Wolf, his paleo solution, and a little patience

I had a pleasure of meeting best selling author Robb Wolf of the “Paleo Solution” this weekend at the Westin Harbour Castle in Toronto.  The morning actually had a funny start when Robb drew attention to the Guns and Roses T –shirt I was wearing in front of a packed audience.  Although I was a little embarrassed, it was the first example of many throughout the day of how personable and friendly he is.  A rare attribute when you consider his stature and expertise in the industry… and the fact that he loves Guns’ n Roses too…I say you couldn’t meet a better guy!

So without further ado, here are some of the take home points for you to consider (this should be considered supplementary to his website and book).

  • “Weight loss happens at the dinner table and in the bedroom”…This hammers home the importance of sleep and proper nutrition when it comes to fat loss.
  • However, as a trainer I’m glad he also mentioned that exercise turns on and off genes in an adaptive and maladaptive manner. We should also be relying on physical activity to help us control our blood glucose levels rather than relying on the pancreas for insulin.
  • Try the Paleo Solution for 30 days and it should make you look, feel and perform better.  Your biomarkers of health and disease should also improve.
  • Relating to adrenal fatigue and burn out, Robb begged the question “Do you own your stuff or does your stuff own you?”
  • Intermittent fasting or caloric restriction between 16-18 hours is recommended 2-3 times per week.  From 5 pm to lunch the next day is a suggested time frame. This has a restorative effect on our cells and hormones.
  • Health span is more important than longevity.
  • Environment (phenotype) is more important than Nature (genotype).  This means not using our “shoddy” genetics as an excuse for not leading a healthy life.  It is not our “destiny” to be overweight because our parents were “big boned” or had diabetes. Exercise and diet (environmental inputs) can effect massive change in our phenotype, which is 80% of disease potential.
  • If there was a “Nutritional Evil Stack”, it would be Gluten, linoliec acid (Omega 6’s found in corn, soy, grain fed meat), and fructose.
  • All Robb’s info is available for free at his site…you don’t even have to buy his book
  • Robb’s website even has a shopping list if you’re not sure how to get started
  • I also met my sisters good friend Summer at the seminar.  Known the “cosmopolitan primal girl”,her website is another great resource, offering many great recipes and even personal coaching if you need it.
  • For those of you passionate about trying to help others live healthier lives, don’t waist time on those who aren’t willing to listen to your message or change…your time is much better spent on those who are open to your message. It is through their successes that you will achieve the impact you want as it will have  a ripple effect onto others…. As a trainer it was a relief to hear this.
  • Neither Robb nor I endorse a 100% paleo diet.  Having “open” or “cheat” meals once in a while to enjoy your favourite foods is okay. Having said that, Robb still recommends avoiding Gluten as “EVERYONE produces an inflammation response to gluten type proteins.  Even 1 exposure every 7 days is enough to keep the gut at maximal irritation.”
  • A well constructed meal should leave you satisfied for hours.  If you experience a crash it indicates you ate too many carbs. You should be able to function for 6-8 hours after eating if you had too. Experiencing a little hunger is okay and expected but you shouldn’t “crash”
  • Limit fruit, as fructose is a significant GI irritant, it alters intestinal flora, and increases the liver’s affinity for glucose.  Translation, it “messes up” your metabolism.  If you want fruit, melons and berries are best, but eaten with a protein and fat helps to prevent an insulin spike.
  • Grow your own vegetables and/or support your local farmer or farmer’s market, grass fed meats and organic produce are better but not essential. Cows eat grass!

Robb was very passionate about his message throughout the entire day, however his passion was especially apparent over the last point. Growing our own produce and supporting our local farmers is one of the best ways to change the way things are being done.  It is up to us to change things, as he said, change needs to happen from the bottom up. And yes, change is needed, as our society has been moving further away from better health since the introduction of Neolithic foods (grains, dairy and legumes).

Although Robb and I are doing our part to get the word out there, sometimes in the words of our buddy Axl Rose,  “we just need a little patience”.

  1. StephanieStephanie03-28-2011

    Hi Joey,

    Great article about Robb’s seminar this weekend. Now if only you could post the recipes for those awesome Paleo-friendly cookies, we’d all be most grateful! 🙂


  2. CarmenCarmen09-19-2011

    Hi Joey,

    Great to meet you today and thank you for the information. One point I am curious about how often should I do the 16-18 fast a week? As well, during this time should I increase or decrease water in take? I hope you don’t mind but I already passed your blog on to a few friends and family. Look forward to getting started!


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