TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 1 Goal Setting

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Welcome to the Train Like a Soldier lifestyle tip portion of the course. Each week a new lifestyle challenge will be introduced to help create awareness to the many other factors and habits influencing your health beyond the gym.

It’s all well and good to be consistent and train hard in the gym, however if other areas of your life such as nutrition, sleep, stress are not ideal, results will be compromised and frustration can easily follow.

Having said that, change do not happen over night, nor should it. The focus of the blogs is to introduce one lifestyle category each week, then narrow your focus to the “one thing” YOU need to work on. This follows the general premise of the book “the one thing” which I recommend everyone check out.

In regards to the first topic of goal setting. I want you to be as clear as possible with yourself about what you want to achieve from this program (or any other program or goal). Is it improve strength, lose body fat, learn new techniques or simply just enjoy working in a group setting with others?

Once you are clear on the outcome you want, there are several strategies to help keep you on track and motivated.

Focus on the process and set process goals. For example, instead of focusing on the outcome (want to lose 10 pounds), set a goal of getting 3 workouts in at the gym and 1 outdoor activity per week. Another example is drinking 8 glasses of water a day.

Get specific. If its to get stronger, what does that mean? is it going from 2 to 4 chin ups? If its lose body fat, how much is it do you want to lose? Again, the more clear you are with the outcome the more measurable it is. Making sure they are realistic given your time frame is also important.

Identify obstacles and strategies to overcome them. This is often overlooked but potentially the biggest factor to reaching your goal. Is it feeling tired after work to get to gym? If so, chat with your boss about clearing your lunch hour twice a week to work out. Or maybe its bad food choices from eating out too much, plan ahead before you are stressed, tired and hungry. Have healthy snacks ready at home and at the office.

Some ideas for keeping yourself accountable are;

Write them down, you should have goals for all areas of your life (professional, personal, financial, spiritual etc). The act of writing them down sets the process in motion from idea to action and helps you clarify what you want. I also suggest reviewing them daily to serve as a reminder.

Tell friends or family, if you let the people close to you in on your goals they are likely to ask and or remind you about what you are trying to achieve. I would also recommend making a list of family and friends that will help or hinder the process. For example your best friend loves going to the pub after work for drinks during your scheduled gym time. Maybe save it for the weekend or meet up for tea or coffee instead. Conversely, your colleague loves to do yoga, connect with them and try it out,

Whats your "one thing"?

Whats your “one thing”?

and hopefully form a new positive habit.

In closing, the first challenge I offer to you, is to come up with one clear goal that you would like to achieve for this 8 week time period. Write it down, tell atleast one person, and think of the obstacles in your life that may interupt the process.

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