TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 2- Protein Intake

Food List

Welcome back to the lifestyle challenge section of the TLS course. I hope you were successful in choosing at least 1 goal (or “Thing”) to achieve from this course:)
This week, we are starting to focus on nutrition and our eating habits. The nutrition plan (I hate the word diet, as most people tend to negatively associate it with deprivation), I advocate for is the “paleo” model, or as Dr. Marc Bubbs also refers to as “ancestral eating”. Not only have I found success personally with this method of eating but my clients have too. A big part of this has to do with high compliance related to the simplicity of what and how much to eat.

So what exactly is “Paleo” or “ancestral” eating? Basically it comes down to eating “Real” food, that is, what nature provides us with, or with minimal processing from man. Chances are if it has a label, a TV commercial, or keeps in your cupboard for weeks on end, it’s not compliant….this kind of makes sense doesn’t it?

For more details I suggest reading up on your own here. However the main points of the diet involves eating; meat,fish, eggs, veggies, fruits, nuts, seeds, water, black coffee, and tea. The ratio of these foods, exceptions, and individual tolerances does of course vary but for now just focus familiarizing yourself with the foods to eat.

This week’s lifestyle challenge of getting adequate protein intake is important no matter what your goal. Whether it’s fat loss, increasing muscle mass, or even general health, eating good sources of protein with every meal is the “one thing” I challenge you to focus on this week. Some of the many benefits of protein include, improving immune function, muscle repair, improves satiety, and increases metabolism and fat loss.

Good sources of protein include; grass-fed and wild meats, organ meats, eggs, chicken, pork, fresh fish. I would also recommend eating protein first as helps with satiety, especially if fat loss is the goal. You can also check out a more comprehensive list of protein sources here.

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