TLS Lifestyle Challenge #6- Managing Stress

Stress And Weight Gain

Welcome back to the weekly TLS Lifestyle challenge. This week we have a prominent yet elusive topic on our hands… STRESS! Much more difficult to quantify and manage then our carb or fat intake because there is no escaping it, and we often can’t control when it strikes. We all have stress in our lives, and the individual responses can vary as much as the actual stressors. Examples include; insomnia (my main symptom), anxiety, tension headaches, irritability, loss of ability to concentrate, low energy, to frequent colds or infections.
So if we can’t avoid stress, how do we minimize the effects on our mind and body? The fist thing is not making the symptoms worse by relying on bad coping mechanisms such as smoking, drugs, alcohol, binge eating, and too much TV. Short term they provide temporary relief but long-term lead to poorer health without learning any positive strategies to cope.

The key is finding what strategies works for you, part of that is raising your awareness of the options and resources you have available to you by trying new things.

This weeks TLS lifestyle challenge is trying 1 new strategy from the list below to help you manage stress.

Playing/ practicing a musical instrument
Epsom salt bath
Reading (preferably fiction)
Problem vs Action Focus
Go for a walk (preferably in nature)
Play with kids and or animals
Get a massage
Laugh – watch or go to a comedy
Listen to music
Nap or sleep
chat with a good friend

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