TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 7- Gut Health and Digestion

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Welcome back the TLS weekly lifestyle challenge. Our focus this week relates to improving our gut health. Although it has gained a great deal of attention in the health community lately, you may not have been introduced to its importance. Either way, here are some quick facts about gut health and digestion.
-The gut is also known as the 2nd brain
-Our gut consists of over 10 trillion microorganisms
depression and anxiety is related to serotonin and dopamine production from the gut
-Good bacteria improves bone density
70% percent of our immune system is related to the gut

Below is a list of things that improve gut health and function. This weeks lifestyle challenge is to apply “one thing” from the list over the next week.

eat fermented foods
-use a probiotic
-Stop consuming sugar, dairy, and processed foods
-Reduce alcohol
-Reduce use of antibiotics (under guidance from Doctor)
-Take fish oil
-Get extra sleep
-Take time to actually chew food properly
-Take Glutamin

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