Top 5 Tips to a Healthier Body Today

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Change your perspective: Move from How Healthy LOOKS, to How Healthy FEELS!

What does it mean to be healthy? The formula for being healthy is unique for every body. There is no magic remedy or quick solution, it is about taking actions every day that feel good for your body.

Headlines such as: Lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks, top foods for weight loss, or 5 tips for a bathing suit body today: call our attention to play the number game. This is not healthy! In fact, most of the actions recommended will actually create more harm than your body than good.

It’s time to rewrite the word healthy and focus on how our body feels.
Here are five tips to do exactly that:

5 Tips for a Healthier Body Today

5 Tips for a Healthier Body Today

1) Breathe deeply and often. Taking a deep breath will not only add more healing oxygen to your brain, it will engage your core, diaphragm and lungs.

2) Take the nap back. Restore and Regenerate daily. In the beginning, try going to bed 5 minutes earlier each day, with the goal being getting to bed between 10 and 11 pm.
Move. Find something fun you like to do and just do it. Daily. Our bodies are meant to move, so find new ways every day to get your body active.

3) Drink more fresh water. To make drinking water a regular part of your routine try drinking a glass when you wake up, before each meal, one in the afternoon, and a glass just before bed.

4) Eat consciously. It’s amazing the difference when you take a moment to connect with what you’re eating. Take the time to see, smell and taste each morsel of nourishing food that you put into your body. Pay attention to how your body feels. When you eat the right foods for your body, you should feel energized and light. Not tired and bloated.

5) Being healthy is not a 2-week commitment: it is a life long plan. It is about paying attention to how your body feels and making choices that will keep your body feeling strong, energized and healthy.

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