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Top 5 Tips to a Healthier Body Today

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Change your perspective: Move from How Healthy LOOKS, to How Healthy FEELS! What does it mean to be healthy? The formula for being healthy is unique for every body. There is no magic remedy or quick solution, it is about taking actions every day that feel good for your body. Headlines such as: Lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks, top …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #8 -Inflammation


Congratulations for making it to our last lifestyle challenge. This week we are covering Inflammation. What it is, what causes it, and most importantly what we can do about it. So what is Inflammation? I like Dr. Marcola’s brief explanation. “Inflammation is a normal and beneficial process that occurs when your body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect you from …

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Top 5 tips Actors need to know for looking their best

I recently took an acting workshop at Sears and Switzer to work on my public speaking.  It was a very interesting experience indeed as my comfort zone was pushed to the max..and then some.  At the very least it gave me a greater appreciation for the art of acting and believe it or not I did improve and feel much …

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“Anne” Expert- Fit For Radio Podcast !

I’m big on the phrase “knowledge is power”, I even take it a step further by adding the caveat from my favorite strength coach Charles Poliquin, that “knowledge is useless if it’s not applied”.  These words serve as a personal reminder for me to apply as much of what I learn on a daily basis. Just as critical however is …

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Don’t be Lazy …. Be Sure to Warm-Up Properly!

People always ask me what I do personally when it comes to diet, workouts, and supplements etc.  Well today I’m posting the 6 activities I typically include in my warm-up.  Often due to laziness, many trainees often dismiss the warm up as a waste of time, however not warming up properly opens the door to potential injury and/or reduced training …

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15 Lifestyle Tips I Taught My Bootcamp

My approach as a trainer often includes stepping into the role of a teacher (whether the client likes it or not).  This is because nothing works in isolation and what we do in the gym is only one variable in the equation of getting results. Variables like stress, diet, food sensitivities, sleep quality, injury history, nutrient deficiencies, and supplements only scratch …

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Top 4 tips to Help Train for Racket Sports

I must confess that I am by no means a squash fanatic.  I actually haven’t played since my college phys-ed class in which we were briefly exposed to the main racket sports.  I also recall not being much good at it, I did however, gain a respect the sport as I was surprised by the amount of conditioning and skill …

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“Soldier Boy” Sweat Equity Article

It was a great honor to have my “Train Like a Soldier Article” published in Sweat Equity Magazine Giving me the Title of “Soldier Boy”, the article outlines my experiences with the military and how they have influenced my training philosophy.     “Training Like a Soldier” by Joey Shillolo Why this authentic military bootcamp may not be what you …

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Happy:) Part 1

We all strive for happiness.  However, what we think makes us happy is seldom the case.  The movie Happy ,interestingly enough, brings to light the subject of happiness, or now called positive psychology. I recommend watching the movie first hand, but if not, my points from the movie may provoke some thoughts about your level of happiness.  And if you’re …

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Points From Dr. Oz’s Visit to Toronto

I must admit, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about being invited to go see Dr. Oz on his recent visit to Toronto’s Sony Center. Largely due to the fact that I have heard many fitness/ health experts in my day preach their opinions that are often imbedded with commercial interests. Dr. Oz is by no means excluded from this type of …

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