Top 5 Tips to a Healthier Body Today

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Change your perspective: Move from How Healthy LOOKS, to How Healthy FEELS! What does it mean to be healthy? The formula for being healthy is unique for every body. There is no magic remedy or quick solution, it is about taking actions every day that feel good for your body. Headlines such as: Lose 10 lbs in 2 weeks, top …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #8 -Inflammation


Congratulations for making it to our last lifestyle challenge. This week we are covering Inflammation. What it is, what causes it, and most importantly what we can do about it. So what is Inflammation? I like Dr. Marcola’s brief explanation. “Inflammation is a normal and beneficial process that occurs when your body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect you from …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 7- Gut Health and Digestion

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Welcome back the TLS weekly lifestyle challenge. Our focus this week relates to improving our gut health. Although it has gained a great deal of attention in the health community lately, you may not have been introduced to its importance. Either way, here are some quick facts about gut health and digestion. -The gut is also known as the 2nd …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #6- Managing Stress

Stress And Weight Gain

Welcome back to the weekly TLS Lifestyle challenge. This week we have a prominent yet elusive topic on our hands… STRESS! Much more difficult to quantify and manage then our carb or fat intake because there is no escaping it, and we often can’t control when it strikes. We all have stress in our lives, and the individual responses can …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 5- Hacks for Holiday Celebrations

Holiday Hacks

Whether it’s Christmas, a birthday, or a summer long weekend, holidays are a great time to unwind and bond with family and friends. Inevitably however, these times also include eating and drinking things we know are not conducive to keeping a trim waistline. On the other hand, social situations are an important part of life, and they should be enjoyed. …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #4- Earning your carbs

Good Bad Carbs W Logo 2

Hopefully you are on a role as we enter week #4 of the TLS program. By now you have a clear goal, increased your protein intake, include healthy fats and have done a gym homework session or two on your own:) As eluded too last week with the quote from Gary Taubes, this weeks challenge relates to carbohydrate consumption. If …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 3 Getting Lean With Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats

Congrats on making it past the foundation phase of the TLS program! At this point you have been introduced to a tone of new material in and out of the gym. Hopefully you have gained confidence with proper lifting technique, mastered the kettle bell swing, and had a fun challenge with the Special Operations, “Grip Hill” and “Coyote”. From a …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 2- Protein Intake

Food List

Welcome back to the lifestyle challenge section of the TLS course. I hope you were successful in choosing at least 1 goal (or “Thing”) to achieve from this course:) This week, we are starting to focus on nutrition and our eating habits. The nutrition plan (I hate the word diet, as most people tend to negatively associate it with deprivation), …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 1 Goal Setting

Cross Fit Female 1

Welcome to the Train Like a Soldier lifestyle tip portion of the course. Each week a new lifestyle challenge will be introduced to help create awareness to the many other factors and habits influencing your health beyond the gym. It’s all well and good to be consistent and train hard in the gym, however if other areas of your life …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 100: Question & Answer Podcast


On Episode 100, (a special edition) Joey and I hosted a live Google Hangout to answer all of your health and fitness questions. Questions included topics regarding what should you do at the end of your workout, diet, how to deal with a knee injury and much more. In addition Joey and I talked about our influences in the fitness industry and …

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