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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #6- Managing Stress

Stress And Weight Gain

Welcome back to the weekly TLS Lifestyle challenge. This week we have a prominent yet elusive topic on our hands… STRESS! Much more difficult to quantify and manage then our carb or fat intake because there is no escaping it, and we often can’t control when it strikes. We all have stress in our lives, and the individual responses can …

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Luxury Fitness Retreat, Kona Island, Hawaii

The Waipio Valley Big Island Hawaii Wallpaper Other

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 57: Tambre Leighn (Cancer Survivor Coach) PT. 2


On Episode 57 we have Part 2 of our interview with Tambre Leighn, the founder of “Well Beyond Ordinary” and someone who coaches cancer survivors, caregivers and healthcare professionals. On this episode, Tambre gives tips on how to self monitor our stress and how to reduce stress. Also she tells a very interesting story with actor Kevin Costner and why she would love to coach …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 25: Danielle Metler (Personal Trainer / Bodybuilder)

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  On Episode 25, Toronto based Fitness Manager/Personal Trainer Danielle Metler joins the podcast to talk about how she got into the fitness industry, her success teaching group training and common misconceptions women have about working out. Danielle also describes what it’s like going through months of preparation for bodybuilding competitions and how she is learning more about her clients being a Fitness Manager. …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 24: Rosanna Shillolo (Yoga Instructor)


On Episode 24 Yoga instructor Rosanna Shillolo (owner of Sunrise Yoga Studio in Orillia, Ontario)  joins the podcast to explain why Yoga is important for everyone and how flexibility applies to our everyday lives. Rosanna discusses the different styles (and types) of Yoga, how she got into teaching and why Yoga is good for men, women and kids. If you ever wanted to …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 23: Q&A Podcast


Episode 23 is all about YOU the listeners! We’ve been getting some great responses to the podcast the last few weeks, so we wanted to give back and dedicate an entire half an hour to answering your questions ! Here is a list of the questions you asked and we answered them. 1) “My husband weighs maybe 140 pounds soaking …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 22: Dr. Jory Basso (Chiropractor)


On Episode 22 Toronto based Chiropractor Dr. Jory Basso joins the podcast to discuss how a serious injury in his teens led to him pursuing a career as a Chiropractor. Dr. Basso also talks about common fitness injuries, debunks the myths regarding Chiropractors and teaching at George Brown College. For more information on Dr. Basso visit, check out his Facebook …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 20: Dr. Matt MacDonald (MindFit) Pt. 2


Episode 20 features the second half of our interview with MindFit founder Dr. Matthew MacDonald. The Toronto based physician gives some tips on avoiding distractions both in fitness and everyday life.  As well he talks about NBA championship coach Phil Jackson and how he found success over his career using mental preparation with his players. Later Dr. MacDonald touches on the mental aspects of dealing with friendships …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 19: Dr. Matt MacDonald (MindFit) Pt. 1


On Episode 19 we’re getting FOCUSED! As the founder of MindFit, Dr. Matthew MacDonald stopped by and we picked his brain (no pun intended) for the first half a two part interview.  This Toronto based physician who focuses his practice in psychotherapy works with performers and athletes on Mental Training for Sport & Performance Excellence. Dr. MacDonald discusses the mental element of fitness and the importance this has on reaching …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 16: Mental Fitness


  On Episode 16 Joey talks about his experience  at Matt MacDonald’s MindFit seminar this past weekend and gives four major mental tips when it comes to fitness. Plus I talk about the end of my month long cleanse and we preview next week’s guest on the podcast…**A hint he’s a Canadian celebrity in the Fitness World!** As always you can follow …

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