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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #8 -Inflammation


Congratulations for making it to our last lifestyle challenge. This week we are covering Inflammation. What it is, what causes it, and most importantly what we can do about it. So what is Inflammation? I like Dr. Marcola’s brief explanation. “Inflammation is a normal and beneficial process that occurs when your body’s white blood cells and chemicals protect you from …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge #4- Earning your carbs

Good Bad Carbs W Logo 2

Hopefully you are on a role as we enter week #4 of the TLS program. By now you have a clear goal, increased your protein intake, include healthy fats and have done a gym homework session or two on your own:) As eluded too last week with the quote from Gary Taubes, this weeks challenge relates to carbohydrate consumption. If …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 3 Getting Lean With Healthy Fats

Healthy Fats

Congrats on making it past the foundation phase of the TLS program! At this point you have been introduced to a tone of new material in and out of the gym. Hopefully you have gained confidence with proper lifting technique, mastered the kettle bell swing, and had a fun challenge with the Special Operations, “Grip Hill” and “Coyote”. From a …

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TLS Lifestyle Challenge # 2- Protein Intake

Food List

Welcome back to the lifestyle challenge section of the TLS course. I hope you were successful in choosing at least 1 goal (or “Thing”) to achieve from this course:) This week, we are starting to focus on nutrition and our eating habits. The nutrition plan (I hate the word diet, as most people tend to negatively associate it with deprivation), …

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Re-charge in Muskoka with Joey and Rosanna


Join Joey and Rosanna Shillolo for a fun, relaxing, activity packed weekend at Muskoka Soul Luxury Resort from Sept 26th-28th 2014.  Combining their Yoga and Fitness expertise, Joey and Rosanna have both the Yin and Yang of Fitness covered, not to mention great Paleo based food, deserts, and even wine! Details are as follows: Friday Check in 3pm , 6pm …

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Luxury Fitness Retreat, Kona Island, Hawaii

The Waipio Valley Big Island Hawaii Wallpaper Other

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 64: Jordan Cieciwa (High Performance Trainer) PT 1


On Episode 64 we brought back high performance trainer Jordan Cieciwa (@FitCityJordan) in Part 1 of our two part interview with him. On this episode Jordan discusses his sponsorship deal with River City Ford and the importance of personal trainers having sponsorships. In addition Jordan chats about some of his client success stories from last year and his goals for 2014 including …

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Don’t be Lazy …. Be Sure to Warm-Up Properly!

People always ask me what I do personally when it comes to diet, workouts, and supplements etc.  Well today I’m posting the 6 activities I typically include in my warm-up.  Often due to laziness, many trainees often dismiss the warm up as a waste of time, however not warming up properly opens the door to potential injury and/or reduced training …

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15 Lifestyle Tips I Taught My Bootcamp

My approach as a trainer often includes stepping into the role of a teacher (whether the client likes it or not).  This is because nothing works in isolation and what we do in the gym is only one variable in the equation of getting results. Variables like stress, diet, food sensitivities, sleep quality, injury history, nutrient deficiencies, and supplements only scratch …

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“Soldier Boy” Sweat Equity Article

It was a great honor to have my “Train Like a Soldier Article” published in Sweat Equity Magazine Giving me the Title of “Soldier Boy”, the article outlines my experiences with the military and how they have influenced my training philosophy.     “Training Like a Soldier” by Joey Shillolo Why this authentic military bootcamp may not be what you …

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