About Joey Shillolo

Specialized Honours Kinesiology Degree / Certified Personal Trainer
Owner and General Manager of JS3 Personal Training

About Joey Shillolo

Joey Shillolo operates JS3 personal training at the Toronto Union Station Goodlife Fitness Center. Joey holds a three year Fitness and Leisure Management Diploma from Cambrian College, a four year Honours Kinesiology Degree from York University and a certificate in Sports Administration from the York University Sports Administration Association (YUSAA), and a Learned Self- Regulation stress management Certification from York University. He is a Certified Personal Trainer and a member of the Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP).

Joey’s expertise is extensive and wide ranging. Working as a Fitness Instructor for the Department of National Defence at Canadian Forces Base (CFB) Borden, Joey honed his skills as a health professional by training thousands of military whom were of various ranks and trades. Filling the roles as both instructor and educator, Joey was responsible for; providing individual and unit training, preparing and presenting health and fitness seminars, and administering the fitness testing protocols for Fire Fighters, Special Forces and Basic Training.

While always passionate about his job as an Instructor at CFB Borden, Joey felt ready for a greater challenge. On January of 2007 he accepted a position of Fitness, Recreation and Sport Coordinator in Kandahar, Afghanistan. For six months Joey lived in the Kandahar Air Field Base and provided programs and services to deployed troops. Although he was involved in countless recreation, fitness and sporting events each month, Joey’s proudest moment was opening a 5000 square foot gym facility. The months of intensive labor paid off when thousands of soldiers from around the world had a healthy outlet to relieve their stress. (to find out more please see Afghanistan Diaries in Media Gallery).

Although Joey’s motivation to deploy overseas originally came from his desire to develop professionally, it was on a personal level that he grew most meaningfully. While living in a war zone was not easy time to endure, Joey is grateful for the experience as it developed a greater sense of appreciation and value for the things we often take for granted in life such as our health and our time with friends and family.

Joey is best known for his successes with amateur boxing, bodybuilding and training the military. But, Joey’s passion and ability extend to helping people make positive changes in their daily lifestyle. Having experienced a point in his life as a teenager where he struggled with his weight, Joey is especially motivated to help individuals live a healthier and happier lifestyle. Simply put, Joey is convinced that each individual has within them, an inner light to achieve their optimal health and happiness. He wants to meet you on your journey and help you discover a way to let it shine at its fullest.

In the shared pursuit of optimal health, it is the satisfaction derived from personal connections that led to the launch of JS3 Personal Training. Meeting new people and getting to know each client on a personal level is what Joey likes most about being a trainer. The countless interactions undertaken to effect positive change in people’s health made it increasingly clear to Joey that he is connected with his true life’s purpose. He looks forward to meeting you and applying his education, global experiences and relentless passion to helping you achieve your health goals.

This venture is the product of an endless inventory of experiences, challenges and personal relations. I am thankful for them all for playing such an important role in revealing my life’s purpose. While proud of this project thus far, I consider the end result of minor importance in relation to the inspirations that have so far guided this enterprise. I dedicate this initiative to those in pursuit of a life of health and happiness.

Although impossible to give credit to all of those deserving of it, I wish to give special thanks to the following.

Mom and Dad
For their unwavering support and belief in me. I could not have fallen into better hands.

Rob De Franco – Graphic designer/Web developer
For dealing with and living up to my, at times, exacting standard. Your ability to illustrate my vision and passion down to the finest detail is a reflection of your amazing talents and creativity.

Kathryn Lymburner – Photography at www.photokat.ca
For sharing your enthusiasm, generosity and expertise.

Antoni Shillolo (my brother) Audio editing and video production
For your technical expertise, advise, and lending a hand when needed.

York University Sports Administration Association
This program and its community of faculty, alumni, and students provided me with the essential resources and support to turn my dream into a reality. Your influences are immeasurable and more direct than you may know.

With special thanks going to:
Peter Cosentino at DEC Sports & Entertainment Inc, and Professors Jim Shaw, Sue Vail,
Patricia McLellan-Shaw, and Liz MacDonald

Professor Mark Cummings at York University
For spending extra time and introducing me to a critical dimension of health curriculum that not only improved my life but also inspired me to adopt a more encompassing and effective model for health.

Professor Greg Malszecki at York University
For inspiring me to follow my inner light and giving me the final push to shoot for the stars. Your “Body as a Light” course coupled with your encouragement and support provided the final elements of inspiration for this project.

Duane Farrell aka “Captain Ignorance” –Directing Staff, PSP Training Centre, National Defence
For sharing an interest in my dream, discussing my ideas, reviewing my material and provoking me to be on top of my game as a competent health professional.

My clients
To the multitude of clients that have shared their experiences with me and instilled in me a sense of purpose. You are my true credentials.

Additional thanks to
Doug and Cathy Roe
Rosanna and Jeff Roe
Jody and Carole Shillolo
Holli Rolland
Nic Martin