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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 60: Dr. Paul Biondich (High Performance Nutritionist) PT. 1


On Episode 60 we welcome back Dr. Paul Biondich  who is a High Performance Nutritionist and Chiropractor who works with professional athletes. On Part 1 of our two part interview, Dr. Biondich talks about what he’s been up to since the last time he was on our show in June. More importantly Dr. Biondich talks about the controversial topic of  “Intermittent Fasting”, …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 53: Boston Recap (Poliquin Conference)


  On Episode 53  Joey’s is back from Boston and gives us a full report from the (Charles) Poliquin Strength & Wellness Conference, including a full play-by-play of the weekend’s events. Also Joey talks more about the key speakers and what tools he gained throughout the weekend event. As always be sure to share your opinions in the comments section below or …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 46: Sarah Ramsden & Summer Innanen (Nutritionists) Pt. 1


On Episode 46 we brought back Nutritionist Summer Innanen  along with new guest (and fellow nutritionist) Sarah Ramsden for part 1 of this two part interview. On this episode, Sarah explains how she and Summer met and formed Whole 9 Canada. Sarah also discusses her own heath issues which lead to her actually switching careers and becoming a full time nutritionist. For anyone …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 45: Freyja Spence (Endurance & Olympic Lifting Coach) Pt. 2


On Episode 45 we have Part 2 of our interview with Toronto based Endurance, Olympic Lifting & Strength coach Freyja Spence.  Freyja talks about her unique situation as being both an endurance athlete and Olympic lifter. She also explains why women should not be intimidated by lifting if they are worried about becoming “bulky”. Freyja also discusses her stance on nutrition, how she applies that with …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 30: Shannon Conrad (Holistic Nutritionist) Pt. 2


On Episode 30 we have Part 2 of our interview with Toronto based Personal Trainer & Certified Holistic Nutritionist Shannon Conrad. Shannon talks about the importance of digestion and more specifically the Leap Mediator Release Test (MRT). This is a novel food sensitivity blood test that measures the body’s delayed immune response to 150 foods and other commonly eaten substances. She explains why this …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 29: Shannon Conrad (Holistic Nutritionist) Pt. 1


Toronto based Personal Trainer & Certified Holistic Nutritionist Shannon Conrad stops by the podcast for Episode 29 for Part 1 of our interview with her (Part 2 will be up next week). The  BioSignature Practitioner talks about her diverse background and how transitioned into the fitness industry.  She outlines the importance of a good digestion system and how it can impact your fitness …

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BioSignature Assessment

Not getting the results you want despite all the hard work in the gym? “Look beyond your workouts with BioSignature Modulation” Developed by one the top strength coaches in the world, Charles Poliquin’s, BioSignature model is a cutting edge health assessment and fat loss program.  Using a 12 -site skin fold system, your unique fat distribution pattern is used with …

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