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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 44: Freyja Spence (Endurance & Olympic Lifting Coach) Pt. 1


On Episode 44 we chat with Toronto based Endurance, Olympic Lifting & Strength coach Freyja Spence in Part 1 of this two part interview. Freyja discusses how early injuries in her athletics career led to her coaching high performance athletes. She also talks about her influences coming up in the fitness field and the types of clients she trains. As always be sure to …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 38: Fitness Myths – Pt. 1

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On Episode 38 we debunk many common “Fitness Myths” in this two part series. Some of our answers will surprise you and hopefully this will be a very educational podcast for most of you. On this episode we debunk the following common fitness theories. 1) Doing cardio is the easiest way to lose weight  2) Doing sit-ups will get me a six pack  3) Women …

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Top 5 tips Actors need to know for looking their best

I recently took an acting workshop at Sears and Switzer to work on my public speaking.  It was a very interesting experience indeed as my comfort zone was pushed to the max..and then some.  At the very least it gave me a greater appreciation for the art of acting and believe it or not I did improve and feel much …

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Don’t be Lazy …. Be Sure to Warm-Up Properly!

People always ask me what I do personally when it comes to diet, workouts, and supplements etc.  Well today I’m posting the 6 activities I typically include in my warm-up.  Often due to laziness, many trainees often dismiss the warm up as a waste of time, however not warming up properly opens the door to potential injury and/or reduced training …

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Mayor Ford’s “Cut the Waist Challenge”- The top 5 things I would have him cut if I was his trainer

A couple weeks into Mayor Rob Ford’s campaign to loose 50 pounds in 6 months, he and his brother Doug have both shed over 10 pounds each. Rob weighing in on January 16th at 330, and Doug at 275 pounds, according to CityNews Toronto, “the two say they’ve been running and lifting weights, eating very little and drinking lots of …

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Why Cardio sucks !

The most common scenario I’m faced with as a trainer, whether it’s a male or female looking to hire me, is to help them achieve a lean, and healthy physique, or as most females like to call a “toned’ look. After further discussion, almost as certain as the sunrise that morning, the next information to be revealed is their consistent …

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How Charles Wants You To Do “Cardio”

I just finished the 5 day BioSignature Course with  Charles Poliquin and while it was an amazing experience to listen and learn from the best strength coach in the world, my hands and brain are exhausted from the endless note taking.  The first insight I want to share is the interval program Charles gave us for those that insist on …

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