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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 37: Foods To Avoid – Pt. 2

Canola Oil

On Episode 37 we continue our discussion on Foods to Avoid and also touch on organic foods. Mainly what to look for when you’re buying organic and what to stay away from as per this Charles Poliquin article below. Plus Joey and I talk about how we both got started on the Paleo Diet and how it has effected our …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 34: Dr. Paul Biondich (High Performance Nutritionist) Pt. 2

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On Episode 34  we have Part 2 our interview with High Performance Sports Nutritionist Dr. Paul Biondich  who talks all about the importance of cortisol levels for optimal health, general tips for digestion, his methods of weight cutting for athletes and his opinion on TRT (Testosterone Replacement Therapy). Also Paul talks about his work with MMA fighter Stipe Miocic who is set to face …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 30: Shannon Conrad (Holistic Nutritionist) Pt. 2


On Episode 30 we have Part 2 of our interview with Toronto based Personal Trainer & Certified Holistic Nutritionist Shannon Conrad. Shannon talks about the importance of digestion and more specifically the Leap Mediator Release Test (MRT). This is a novel food sensitivity blood test that measures the body’s delayed immune response to 150 foods and other commonly eaten substances. She explains why this …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 29: Shannon Conrad (Holistic Nutritionist) Pt. 1


Toronto based Personal Trainer & Certified Holistic Nutritionist Shannon Conrad stops by the podcast for Episode 29 for Part 1 of our interview with her (Part 2 will be up next week). The  BioSignature Practitioner talks about her diverse background and how transitioned into the fitness industry.  She outlines the importance of a good digestion system and how it can impact your fitness …

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Fit For Radio Podcast – Episode 26: Core Values & Intermittent Fasting

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On Episode 26 Joey discusses eight essential points about your CORE. He talks about the main functions of your core, the Baron Sorensen Test (link below) which can measure you core strength and exercises that are great for core endurance.  We also about the controversial topic of “Intermittent Fasting” and outline the pros/cons. Joey also discusses his experience doing it. Here is a video …

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